Your Performance,Our Mission

Your Performance,Our Mission

Your Performance,Our Mission

Life lies in sports

    Life lies in sports, sports keep us healthy, sports make us energetic. Lightones was born with a desire to provide the average person with high-quality and affordable sports equipment.

Use new technology

    We attach great importance to scientific research and development, so we invest a lot of money and people every year to research all kinds of products such as compression, airflow technology and lightweight materials.

popular workout activities

    Since the early rise of a “workout culture” that had started in early 2015, Lightones has focused on the more popular workout activities such as yoga, gym training, swimming, running as well as outdoor adventures.

Environmental protection

    We also pay attention to environmental protection, and we make extensive use of environmentally friendly materials through the use of newly developed recyclable fabrics and modern production technologies, with the aim of reducing environmental pollution.

To be better

    We also strive to cooperate with our clients about their needs and wishes for our new products so that ultimately, we have the best of our knowledge, match the most of your wishes...